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Are you on the fence about which concrete foundation might best suit your home extension or new property? Today, we discuss the three main types of Concrete Foundation, so you have all the facts to make an informed choice.

Concrete Foundations

A concrete foundation is a slab or block of sturdy and highly durable concrete. A common material used for building residential homes or commercial structures, it is a popular choice for many due to its support capabilities.

Purpose of Concrete Foundations

Purpose of Concrete Foundations

Built straight into the property’s ground, the concrete foundation does not allow for below cavities or crawl spaces. It is known for its high durability, strength, lack of movement, and is impervious to damage from pests such as termites.

These benefits of a concrete foundation appeal to homeowners and make it amongst one of the, if not the most popular choice, for building residential properties and large structures.

Types of Concrete Foundations

Types of Concrete Foundations

You may have heard or read about different types of concrete foundations and their recommendations from builders and developers. Many of these foundations solidify a sturdy base for residential homes, commercial buildings and large structures.

Concrete foundations by reputed builders stand the test of time and are made to provide durability and support heavy structures weighted atop.

However, you should consider a few factors while choosing a concrete foundation for your project. We understand that selecting among so many choices can be overwhelming, so we have narrowed everything down to three main concrete foundation types favoured throughout Australia.

3 Major Types of Concrete Foundation

T-shaped foundation

A T-shaped concrete foundation is recommended for areas where the ground is prone to freezing, such as places with colder climates or those experiencing frost during certain times of the year.

This type uses footings below the frost line, which are wider than the wall they will support built atop. The slab is further poured between the walls once erected for a further sturdier application.

Slab-on-grade foundation

Concrete Foundations

This highly regarded concrete foundation type utilises the slab as its very sturdy footing, making it thicker at the edges by incorporating wire mesh.

The slab is rested on a thick layer of gravel which aids in this action to improve drainage from water sources such as toilets, showers, kitchen taps, and potential flooding.

However, this type of Concrete Slab is not recommended for areas that experience frost. If you live in a colder climate or experience very chilly winters, we recommend looking at other great options.

Frost protected foundation

Frost Protected Foundation

Another highly-durable and sought-after type, frost-protected foundation, is similar to slab on grade foundation and achieves exactly how it sounds.

However, it includes adding two thick and very robust sheets of polystyrene insulation that aim to keep heat in, benefiting those who live in colder climates, as well as its overall resilience aiding in stopping the slab from freezing during the colder months.

Concrete Foundation Experts Melbourne

Here at Concrete By Bayleaf, we focus on structural engineering, strict quality control, and creating concrete masterpieces that complement the overall landscape of your outdoor areas, as well as assisting you with laying the foundation for new residential or commercial property.

We are passionate and committed to going above and beyond for our clients and delivering the highest quality product. Just like our concrete, we want our reputation to be solid.

Whether you’re building a new home or commercial property or need a new driveway, Entertaining Area or pathway, our quality concrete services will transform your outdoor areas into beautiful, functional spaces that will last a lifetime.

Since day one, we have been assisting Melbourne homeowners with advising and implementing the best concrete foundations for their properties, so we have it in our roots to help you build and expand your dream property!

For all your concreting requirements and queries, call 0402791644 to talk to the experts today.

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Daniel. S

“I don’t often wax lyrical about a tradesman, but this guy is efficient, professional and his attention to detail is excellent. He is responsive and adheres to a timeline that sees the work completed within the nominated time frame. Additionally, he is friendly and smiles even when the sun is beating down, and he’s laying concrete. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Michelle. P

“If you need a concrete job completed by a company who are meticulous and has extremely great attention to detail, then Concrete by Bayleaf is the team for you. From the outset, Anton was responsive and transformed our ideas into an even better reality. Anton liaised with our other trades (electrician and fencer) to ensure everything was in place when and where it needed to be. The quote provided was also very competitive with other quotes received. I love the finished product and would happily recommend them.”



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