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Concrete slabs for home designs when coupled with appropriate design, may provide a reduction in energy usage as well as thermal comfort. Ensuring you choose the right mix type of slab (e.g suspended, on ground or a mixture of both) play an important role in establishing the base for your property. At Concrete By Bayleaf we understand the requirements for homeowners and builders alike, and are exceptionally passionate about all things concrete.

Read more text: The types of concrete slab floors that are suitable for Australian conditions include slab-on-ground which has two types: conventional slabs with excavated beams and waffle pod slabs and conventional slabs which can be insulated beneath the broad floor panels. The other types of concrete slab floor include suspended slabs which are formed and poured in situ and pre-cast slabs which are manufactured off site and craned in. We recommend speaking to one of our friendly team to discuss your project requirements.

Concrete Slabs Melbourne Contractors

Unbelievable transformation using a grey based Balcombe exposed aggregate mix


Perfectly Cut Concrete Slabs

Choosing the right concrete type and mix for concrete slab involves careful consideration and planning.  Our concrete is made up of natural sands, stones and cement sourced from the most reputable suppliers. Everything from the base to sealers is the highest quality, so you get exceptional results that last a lifetime. The types of concrete cut slabs we can help with include:

  • Slab-On-Ground
  • Conventional Slabs
  • Suspended Slab
  • Precast Slabs

Concrete Slabs Melbourne Experts

Concrete slabs are increasingly the popular choice for the foundation of homes and development projects. Concrete By Bayleaf has the knowledge, expertise, specific tools and skills to ensure you get the correct outcome for your concrete slab.

We are so proud of our work, we offer a money back guarantee for our jobs. The guarantee we bring to every concrete foundation area we construct is:

  • Concrete for us is not a job at all it is an art form and a passion and we take pride in what we do
  • We will work with your builder around the requirements
  • Complete your work within 14 days of invoice payment
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Benefits Of Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are the preferred choice for home construction in Melbourne Australia. There are a variety of reasons this has become the foremost choice when building a home including:

  • Affordable (and cheaper than crawls spaces or basements)
  • Provides protective barrier against termites & insects
  • Provides excellent thermal mass
  • Can be insulated to improve efficiency
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Creates an effective barrier against moisture

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Concrete for us is not a job at all it is an art form and a passion and we take pride in what we do.

Being top-rated concrete contractors Melbourne will work with you to deliver a seamless process from start to finish. From project planning, ground preparation, vapor barriers, choosing the right concrete mix, reinforcements, expansion joints as well as well finishing and curing. We work with you to understand the requirements of the project and always aim to exceed your expectations. For all concrete-slabs work we complete we ensure:

  • Quality - Our expert work will look great all year round
  • Efficiency - We provide same day quotes
  • Certainty- We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee


How much does a concrete slab for a house cost?

The differing concrete types will be the largest influential factor in determining the cost of a concrete slab for your property. Other factors include the size of the project itself and the complexity. We would suggest you speak to one of our friendly team members to discuss your requirements.

What concrete is used for house slabs in Melbourne?

Various <a href="">types of concrete</a> is used for house slabs which include spray on concrete, plain concrete, reinforced concrete, coloured concrete, stenciled concrete and exposed concrete. We would suggest speaking to one of our experts to discuss your project requirements.

Is it good or bad to build a house on concrete slab?

Building a house on a concrete slab is generally a good decision in Melbourne Australia. The reason being they provide good thermal efficiency, cost effective and keep out insects and termites.

How thick should a concrete slab be for a house?

The suggested thickness for a ground level slab is usually between 100 – 500mm thick which forms the foundation of your house. Choosing the correct type of slab you use (or even if this option is appropriate) will depend on land itself, soil type and what sort of property you intend to build.

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Where three generations meet to bring you a combined knowledge of the traditional and the new.

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"Anton showed great attention to detail and delivered on time and on budget. I would recommend him to anyone who needs quality work done.”


“We spent many years looking at our driveway and wondering what we wanted to do with it. When we met Anton, we were sold by his clear passion for concrete and ideas and creativity for our outdoor living areas. Many years later, we stand back and marvel at the work of him and his team. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.”


“Anton and his team did an amazing job concreting our very old garage in a commercial premise. Their prep work was amazing, thorough and efficient and the end result, superb. He took care to be as unobtrusive to business as possible and went the extra mile with finishing off details. Great business. Highly recommend.”


"Anton constructed a crossing outside our home, the work was completed on time and the finish was of a high quality. Care was taken not to damage the surrounding pavement and his team integrated with the landscaper well. I would not hesitate to contract Anton again if had another concreting job."


“We messed Anton around with schedules and no problem. He did a great job concreting our new bathroom floor. Would recommend Anton highly.”


"Anton got the job done quickly and with no fuss to deliver a fantastic result. Very happy and would not hesitate to recommend them!"


"Brilliant job prompt with great communication! Happy and would use him again!"


"Anton Bialylew and his team from Concrete by Bayleaf have done a fantastic job to provide a new car parking area and driveway under challenging circumstances. Anton's team are highly experienced, professional and we have no hesitation to recommend Concrete by Bayleaf for future commercial work."

NICK MAVRODOGLOS, Director. hockingstuart Commercial

"Concrete by Bayleaf did a great job on our driveway. Helped fix a ongoing problem with our gate. On time, on price and very professional. Highly recommend them"


"I think it was Anton’s eye for detail and ability too explain step by step what was involved in the entire process from excavation to concrete pouring and finishing, that made us go with him. He communicated very clearly each stage of work and executed the work not only at an excellent standard but on time as well. Great Job!"


"I have known Anton for many years now, and I have always been impressed with both his attitude to getting things done, and also his meticulous eye for detail. He is an honest hard working young man, which I think is harder to find these days in the building industry."


From the moment we met with Anton on site we knew we were in good hands. His friendliness, care and attentiveness of our needs was already a standout from the other concrete people who had come to quote. The work he and his team executed was first class and I would strongly recommend him for any future works."


"Brilliant job prompt with great communication! Happy and would use him again!"


"Can't speak highly enough about these guys!
Three words sum up Concrete by Bayleaf for me.
1. Quality
2. Professionalism
3. Value"

Richard Lipp

Concrete is an art form, a passion.

At Concrete By Bayleaf, we are passionate about concrete and take pride in what we do. With our Italian roots and decades of combined experience, we offer a traditional but artistic and contemporary-edged approach to concrete.

Our team focuses on structural engineering, strict quality control, and creating concrete masterpieces that complement the overall landscape of your outdoor areas. If you are looking for quality concrete services Melbourne, contact us today.

Stylish exposed aggregate, coloured and plain concrete driveways to make the front of your home look beautiful.

Entertaining Areas

Decorative exposed aggregate, coloured and plain concrete entertaining areas that bring your outdoor spaces to life.


Striking exposed aggregate, coloured and plain concrete pathways for dramatic entrances.


Long-lasting footpaths free from cracks and holes, to make your home look neat and tidy again.