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Coloured concrete comes in a variety of colours to suit your home and is exceptionally durable. Our process involves mixing coloured oxide into concrete prior to laying it. The result of this process is that you get an elegant, rich and consistent colour throughout your Concrete Driveway . Applications for coloured concrete include Driveways, Patios, Commercial Flooring, Industrial Project, Public Buildings, Cycle Paths, Parking Spaces and Architectural Designs.

Coloured Concrete provides exceptionally subtle and warm colours that are visually appealing to home owners. Coloured concrete driveways can be tailored to suit the surroundings giving you flexibility not found with all concrete types. At Concrete By Bayleaf our clients have typically preferred stained concrete colours such as brown, terra cotta and tan. These stained driveway concrete colours tend to engrain into the surface providing a spectacular finish.

In addition to providing exceptional and long lasting finish to surfaces, this type of concrete is also durable, cost-effective, and highly applicable to a wide range of structures such as driveways, patios, flooring and commercial structures.

Coloured Concrete Driveways Supplier, Australia

Unbelievable transformation using a grey based Balcombe exposed aggregate driveway mix


Spectacular Coloured Concrete Driveways

We build, construct and install the ideal concrete driveway for your home. We are Experts in Tailoring your Coloured Driveway to a specific budget and surrounding environment. Being a leading coloured concrete Melbourne company we can help you with:

  • Coloured concrete driveways
  • Coloured concrete patios
  • Coloured concrete flooring

Our Concrete Driveways Melbourne Experts Team will work with you to choose the ideal colour & finish for your Concrete Driveway that matches with the existing ambiance of your property.

Concrete By Bayleaf has the knowledge, expertise, specific tools and skills to identify the most suitable solutions. We are experts at creating Coloured Driveways that suit your surrounds with little ongoing maintenance.

We are so proud of our work, we offer a money back Guarantee for Our Jobs. The skills we ensure we bring to every Concrete Entertaining Area are:

  • Exceed Australian Standards
  • Industry knowledge & expertise
  • Over 70 years combined experience
  • Quality that lasts a lifetime

Benefits Of Coloured Concrete Driveways

Building a coloured concrete driveway will add value to your home and make it one of the talking points of your street! Some of the most common known benefits of a driveway concrete colour include:

  • Long lasting & durable solution
  • Cost effective with next to no on-going maintenance
  • Available in a huge range of colours to suit your property
  • Stands up well against harsh weather conditions and foot traffic
  • Applicable across a variety of surfaces with varying decorative and finishing techniques.
  • Can reduce carbon footprint (through Solar Reflectivity Index)



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Concrete for us is not a job at all it is an art form and a passion and we take pride in what we do. It could be any Coloured Concrete Driveway, we got so many options for our customers.

We understand that concreting service in Melbourne can be an expensive outlay for you. From excavation to running string lines and working with falls of the land we want to work with you, to get the best results and always exceed your expectations.  For all work we complete, we ensure:

  • Quality - Our expert work will look great all year round
  • Efficiency - We provide same day quotes
  • Certainty- We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete comes in various colours and can be tailored to suit the surroundings, giving you flexibility not found with all concrete types. Durable and cost-effective, coloured concrete can be applied to different structures such as driveways to enhance your space's visual appeal.

Here's why a coloured concrete driveway Melbourne is worth your investment:

  • Long-lasting & durable solution
  • Stands up well against harsh weather conditions and foot traffic
  • Applicable across a variety of surfaces with varying decorative and finishing techniques
  • Can reduce carbon footprint (through Solar Reflectivity Index)

Concrete By Bayleaf has the knowledge, expertise, and specific tools to create coloured driveways that suit your surrounds with next to no ongoing maintenance. Our work exceeds Australian Standards, and with 70 years of combined experience, we deliver quality that lasts a lifetime.

Need a coloured concrete driveway in Australia for your home? Get same-day quotes with Concrete By Bayleaf.

Coloured Concrete Driveways FAQs

Is coloured concrete expensive?

Coloured concrete driveways provide an affordable option that will look good all year round.

What colour driveway should I have?

Concrete driveways can come in a variety of colours. Our customers typically preferred the stained concrete colours of brown, tan or terra cotta. We would recommend speaking to one of our friendly team to get an idea of the ideal colour for your concrete driveway.

Is colour concreting a driveway a good idea?

Colour concreting your driveway area is a great idea if you are looking for a durable year round solution that requires low levels of maintenance. 

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From the moment we met with Anton on site we knew we were in good hands. His friendliness, care and attentiveness of our needs was already a standout from the other concrete people who had come to quote. The work he and his team executed was first class and I would strongly recommend him for any future works."


"I have known Anton for many years now, and I have always been impressed with both his attitude to getting things done, and also his meticulous eye for detail. He is an honest hard working young man, which I think is harder to find these days in the building industry."


"I think it was Anton’s eye for detail and ability too explain step by step what was involved in the entire process from excavation to concrete pouring and finishing, that made us go with him. He communicated very clearly each stage of work and executed the work not only at an excellent standard but on time as well. Great Job!"


"Concrete by Bayleaf did a great job on our driveway. Helped fix a ongoing problem with our gate. On time, on price and very professional. Highly recommend them"


"Anton Bialylew and his team from Concrete by Bayleaf have done a fantastic job to provide a new car parking area and driveway under challenging circumstances. Anton's team are highly experienced, professional and we have no hesitation to recommend Concrete by Bayleaf for future commercial work."

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"Brilliant job prompt with great communication! Happy and would use him again!"


"Anton got the job done quickly and with no fuss to deliver a fantastic result. Very happy and would not hesitate to recommend them!"


“We messed Anton around with schedules and no problem. He did a great job concreting our new bathroom floor. Would recommend Anton highly.”


"Anton constructed a crossing outside our home, the work was completed on time and the finish was of a high quality. Care was taken not to damage the surrounding pavement and his team integrated with the landscaper well. I would not hesitate to contract Anton again if had another concreting job."


“Anton and his team did an amazing job concreting our very old garage in a commercial premise. Their prep work was amazing, thorough and efficient and the end result, superb. He took care to be as unobtrusive to business as possible and went the extra mile with finishing off details. Great business. Highly recommend.”


“We spent many years looking at our driveway and wondering what we wanted to do with it. When we met Anton, we were sold by his clear passion for concrete and ideas and creativity for our outdoor living areas. Many years later, we stand back and marvel at the work of him and his team. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.”


"Anton showed great attention to detail and delivered on time and on budget. I would recommend him to anyone who needs quality work done.”


Concrete is an art form, a passion.

At Concrete By Bayleaf, we are passionate about concrete and take pride in what we do. With our Italian roots and decades of combined experience, we offer a traditional but artistic and contemporary-edged approach to concrete.

Our team focuses on structural engineering, strict quality control, and creating concrete masterpieces that complement the overall landscape of your outdoor areas. If you are looking for quality concrete services Melbourne, contact us today.

Stylish exposed aggregate, coloured and plain concrete driveways to make the front of your home look beautiful.

Entertaining Areas

Decorative exposed aggregate, coloured and plain concrete entertaining areas that bring your outdoor spaces to life.


Striking exposed aggregate, coloured and plain concrete pathways for dramatic entrances.


Long-lasting footpaths free from cracks and holes, to make your home look neat and tidy again.