Exposed Aggregate Driveway Cost in Melbourne

Clearly, you are interested in learning more about the benefits and costs involved with exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Melbourne, and this article will arm you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your landscaping project. 

The appeal of Exposed Aggregate Concrete is the magnificent textured look which features stones, pebbles and other micro rocks, sands and minerals in a beautiful mosaic-like floor surface. Ample varieties of concrete colour options and compositions make exposed aggregate concrete driveways a very popular choice in residential and commercial outdoor areas.

Unlike standard or coloured concrete, exposing the stones and minerals within the concrete mix for an aggregated look involves a few extra steps and more time, hence a higher cost of approximately $100 – $150+ per sqm for exposed aggregate concrete projects.

 Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Driveways

How is exposed aggregate concrete achieved?

  1. Concrete is poured into the designated area.
  2. As the concrete is almost set, Melbourne concreters brush the top layer using specialised equipment to reveal the stones and minerals.
  3. A chemical wash is then applied to the surface of the concrete to remove loose stones and particles.
  4. Once the surface is even, the Melbourne concrete company will apply a special sealant to finish the concrete pathway, driveway, or aggregated landscaped area.

What are the benefits of exposed driveways? 

Exposed aggregate concrete is extremely versatile and is often the preferred choice for patios and pathways, Entertainments Area, parking areas and driveways in Melbourne, nationally and overseas. When it comes to selecting exposed aggregate concrete for your driveway, the following pros will come along with it:

  • Increased durability – Exposed aggregate concrete driveways are known to be more durable than plain concrete surfaces and can take more pressure than stone. The composition of this surface means that it will not crack or show signs of wear like other surfaces.
  • High traction and safety – Exposed aggregate, with its dimpled surface, offers excellent traction. This is important during rainy seasons as exposed aggregated driveways are less slippery than other surfaces. This makes exposed aggregate concrete driveways a better choice for foot traffic, bikes, prams, mobility devices and more.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Whilst most people consider driveways a means to an end, others see them as an opportunity to enhance the property’s look. Given concrete driveways are visible from the street, choosing a beautiful exposed aggregate concrete driveway surface will add visual appeal and value to your property.
  • Eco-friendly solution – The components used in the Exposed Aggregate Driveway are recycled and natural. Unlike manufactured materials, concrete aggregate is an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Budget-friendly – Although this solution may cost slightly more than plain concrete, it is likely to cost less than feature stone tiles or outdoor flooring and will last much longer. This makes concrete a cost-effective solution.

How much does an exposed aggregate concrete cost in Melbourne?

The exposed aggregate concrete cost in Melbourne is often the key consideration for residential and commercial property owners when building.

You can generally expect to pay approximately $100 – $150 per square meter as exposed aggregate concrete cost in Melbourne. A number of factors will affect the price, which will be described below.

The pricing scale for exposed aggregate concrete driveways often looks like this:

  • Plain grey, smooth concrete – $50 – $90 per m2
  • Coloured, smooth concrete – $60 – $100 per m2
  • Exposed aggregate – $70 – $200 per m2
  • Honed aggregate – $140 – $180 per m2

As you can see, honed aggregate concrete is more expensive than exposed aggregate. Honing aggregate concrete involves grinding the dimpled surface of exposed aggregate stones to a smooth finish. This may be desirable for some areas to achieve a desired flat finish, but the honed aggregate concrete costs more than leaving it exposed.

What factors affect the price of exposed aggregate driveways?

As with all building improvements, it is not always a one-size-fits-all quoting process. Professional Concrete Contractors in Melbourne must consider multiple factors before providing a realistic quote for the job.

  • Size – Most concrete contractors in Melbourne will have a minimum charge for laying exposed aggregate concrete driveways. If you have a very small space, you may end up paying a little more per m2 to factor in the labour and equipment costs.
  • Slope – Uneven slopes and gradients can make laying concrete and aggregate surfaces trickier. A sloped concrete driveway may add approximately $20 per m2 to the total job cost.
  • The base condition – Before laying any new surface, an assessment of the condition of the current surface will take place. Whether this is dirt and sand, old, damaged concrete, grass or otherwise, the condition of the base can impact the amount of time the preparation stage will take and therefore affect the overall exposed aggregate concrete cost. If excavation, compacting or otherwise needs to be factored in, a preparation fee upwards of $1000 may apply.
  • Décor – As mentioned, there is plenty of variety in aggregate concrete driveway options. The type of concrete décor you select will impact the price. Starting at around $60 per m2 for plain concrete, all the way to stencilled or honed aggregate concrete at approximately $180 per m2, you can achieve a cost-effective and budget-friendly driveway solution with concrete.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a popular choice for driveways in Melbourne. With high traction, designer look and feel and low price, you can enjoy a long-lasting and low-maintenance surface in your residential or commercial property. Always choose a professional concrete company in Melbourne to undertake driveway projects for ongoing peace of mind.Concrete by Bayleaf is the trusted name in exposed aggregate driveway installation in Melbourne. Get in touch now for a no-obligation quote.

FAQs  – Exposed Aggregate Concrete Cost in Melbourne

Is exposed aggregate more expensive than concrete?

The exposed aggregate concrete cost in Melbourne and Australia-wide is more expensive per square meter than standard plain concrete due to the extra labour and steps required to achieve a finished exposed aggregate surface. Depending on the size and complexity of the job, exposed aggregate concrete cost can approximately $50 per m2 more than plain concrete. Many homeowners agree that the long-term benefits of aggregate, such as increased durability, aesthetic appeal and non-slip properties, make this Type of Concrete Driveway or outdoor surface a smart investment.

Should I seal my exposed aggregate concrete driveway?

Absolutely. Sealing an exposed aggregate concrete driveway will keep all the small pebbles and rocks in place and maintain the integrity of the surface for longer. More so, the sealant will enhance the beauty and richness of the aggregate and protect it from UV damage and fading. Most Melbourne concrete companies will seal the area once laid for a solid start. Speak to your concrete contractor for the best sealant product for exposed aggregate.

Is sealed exposed aggregate slippery?

Aggregate is known to be one of the safest, non-slip outdoor surfaces thanks to its dimpled and high traction surface. Even when sealed, exposed aggregate is less slippery than smooth concrete. Sealing exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne is highly recommended, but this should be done professionally and using the ideal sealant for the aggregate type you have.

How do you get oil out of an exposed aggregate driveway?

There are different ways of removing oil stains from exposed aggregate floors, including driveways, patios, and paths. If there is only a minor oil stain over a small surface area, you could soak the area in baking soda and then scrub it with a brush, rinsing to finish. For more widespread oil stains, applying a suitable degrease cleaning solution is best to break down the stain with a high-pressure washer. Contact your preferred concrete contractor in Melbourne for more advice.

How do you maintain an aggregate driveway?

Many people choose to lay aggregate driveways because they are extremely low maintenance. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust and debris or a high-pressure washer and concrete-friendly degreaser to clean oil and dirt. Depending on the amount of traffic and weather conditions in your locality, re-sealing your exposed aggregate driveway every 2-5 years is worthwhile to maintain its beauty, colour and integrity.


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